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Stand out from the instructor crowd. Sports District has an Instructor Academy for group fitness instructors. During our Sports District training programs, we guide instructors to become the best group fitness coach possible. It matters, because the quality of a group class is largely determined by the quality of the instructor. We offer two types of training courses:



This training has been specially designed for those who want to become an official HIGH 3FF3CT®, AEROBIC 3FF3CT® or RECHARGE 3FF3CT® instructor. The training is customized according to the workout program. All the knowledge and practice to successfully teach the program, is incorporated.

We guarantee premium, high quality workout programs to fitness clubs. Therefore we only certify instructors who perform according to our quality standards. At the end of this Instructor Training there is a theoretical and practical exam.


Within 2 months after the Instructor Training, the instructor is expected to submit an assessment video demonstrating their skills. When this final test is passed, the instructor will receive an official Sports District certificate. Once the certificate is obtained, we expect instructors to participate in a Growth Training at least twice a year. Our goal is to encourage instructors to continuously grow to keep delivering high quality.

Let’s become a group fitness expert and create 3FF3CT!

Workout Program Training


During this training course the instructor will learn different techniques that can be used immediately in their own classes. Our general training program is perfect to develop a standard quality as an Instructor. The Instructor will learn how to prepare and coach high quality group fitness classes.

Genral Instructor Training
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